WORKSHOP// Eye of the Hurricane: Creating right relationship with ourselves and the outer world.

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January 21 and 22, 2017, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days. The eye of the Hurricane is a workshop about personal change from the inside out. It is about safely exploring your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and physical relationship with your brain and heart. Through learnings, experiential exercises, physical techniques, and journaling, you will learn to release the residue of the past, the illusion of the future, and to gently reside in the present. This workshop synthesizes the most ancient teachings on living with the peace of self, and interacting with others in sacred reciprocity. Cutting edge information and practices about neuro and cardio science will inform you about how to actively synchronize your heart, brain, respiratory relationship, and how to implement permanent, satisfying change. The outcome is the freedom to choose and act within those choices This allows connecting to others in a more honest and intimate way, and the grounding of an honest and active relationship with self. The grand goal of “The eye…” is to create a supportive and healthfully challenging intentional community for the short and long-term future. Participation is based on the old adage “All may, some won’t, none must”. The grand goal of “The eye…” is to create a supportive and healthfully challenging intentional community for the short and long-term future. Participation is based on the old adage “All may, some won’t, none must”. WORKSHOP FORMAT DAY 1: Discovering and releasing the false self through neuro and cardio models of “illness”, learning, shadow and facial exploration, accelerated breath work, inner work from an indigenous viewpoint, telling and changing our “story” for the last time, preparing to embrace the true self, and fire ceremony. Day 2: Surfacing the timeless self by changing the resilience of your heart and brain, creating self-compassion and compassion for others, reading the natural world for signs and advisement, changing our vision to accept unseen possibilities, guided meditation for anchoring true self, and community celebration of the rebirth of true self. COMMUNITY BUILDING: As the days, weeks, and months pass after the workshop, we will form an intentional community to support and challenge each other, and to be the source of sanity and light in what often appears as chaos/fear. LOGISTICS OF WORKSHOP Dates: January 21 and 22, 2017. 9 am-5 pm both days. Where: Houndslake Wellness Associates Cost: $200.00 at time of the workshop. $180.00 if paid by 01/01/2017. A few scholarships are available. PayPal, credit and debit cards are accepted, as  well as checks or cash. What to bring: A soft mat or towel for floor work, a recent facial picture of yourself, a journal, water bottle, drum or rattle for ceremony (optional), a small object of importance to you, and a willingness to be very curious. Two books to consider reading are: HeartMath, by Childre and Martin, and The Master of Self by Ruiz. Thomas Portney has been an experiential psychotherapist for the past 42 years. He has worked in mental health, hospitals, universities, and has been in practice in the CSRA since 1988. A counseling psychologist by education and training, Tom has gathered 40 years of ongoing supervision in the most effective and economical complementary-medicine techniques available. In the past 20 years he has also studied/apprenticed in advanced energy healing and indigenous/Shamanic healing. Tom is blessed to be married to Martha Portney, his wife of 37 years, and his clinical partner at A Sound Mind. She is a gifted practitioner and advanced provider of Somatic Experiencing, a body-centered trauma therapy. Basic to all Tom’s work is an innate belief in the goodness of humans and nature, a collaborative healing form that includes pieces of coaching,...

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What is TLC Whole Brain Training?

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It is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, collaborative training method for rebalancing and re-regulating the brain wave frequencies that determine behavior, mood, memory, performance, sensory decoding (pain or pleasure) and thought creation.  Using a combination of cutting edge brain research, high-speed computer tracking, and algorhythms (behavior predicting formulas) the TLC Whole Brain Training program helps you move your brain away from old, painful, self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, and creates new neural (brain) connections that are associated with focus, calmness, clarity, and motivation. TLC Whole Brain Training begins with an assessment that helps you form 4 behavioral goals (i.e. increase length and depth of sleep, decrease anxiety or depression, increase memory and focus, decrease addictions, increase academic, sports or vocational performance), and then asks 90 specific questions that allow that program to tailor your training for your specific brain and goals. Training takes place in a quiet and comfortable environment in which you are seated in a “zero-gravity chair” that positions your weight to reduce pressure points or discomfort. Sensors that are attached to your scalp monitor minute fluctuations in brain wave frequencies as the program coaches you towards change by giving auditory and visual feedback (in real time) of how your brain waves are changing. This rewards the brain for formation of new, more productive thoughts and behavior, and inhibits old,non on-productive thoughts and behavior. People who experience Brain Paint EEG neurofeedback report that they feel relaxed, less stressed, more focused, and are responsive rather than reactive to what life presents. EEG neurofeedback has been approved by the FDA to treat stress, and has been found effective in reducing or alleviating PTSD, ADD/ADHD, early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s, rage and anger, pain associated with muscle tension held around injury, increasing athletic performance, and job effectiveness. Sessions usually take place twice per week for a 5 week period for a sense of change to be realized (though they can be done as often as 5 times per week over a two week period). Some people find that that is enough to assist in new neural nets (thoughts and behaviors) to be dominant, while others may come back weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for “tune-ups”. Gains, for the greatest part, remain in effect after training though effort to support your gain is required  as with any new pattern you wish to maintain. For further information about TLC Whole Brain Training, go to...

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Welcome to our new site!

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This is just a tesgt blog.

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